Martial Art -Tac short vids

300 yard short .223 bolt action savage.

Listen for the impact nearly a full second later

Bag work

Bag work without gear on – toughens the striking surfaces

Multiple Target (Threat) drill .22 cal. Glock

10 years old being trained safely and correctly

Short working technique

In Florida

Remington 700 .308 Cal 300 yards

Using 100 zero for 300-yard hit

Teaching rifle marksmanship safely

50 yards

2010 Last tournament.

8 second mark – everyone needs that at least once – you’re not fragile

AR-15 Multi Target 2017

Fun Daddy Daughter Day

Jump reverse crescent kick

Always Train

Self-defense related


2nd round in match

Familiarization Fire with AR-15 Rifle

First time shooting for her.

Putting in work.

Repetition of basics is key to improving