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Unveiling the Hegelian Dialectic Behind COVID Disinformation and the Next Supposed Pandemic

In an era of pervasive disinformation and widespread distrust, a sinister conspiracy emerges, suggesting that the COVID-19 planedemic and its associated disinformation are intentional tools to manipulate and divide society. People kept in a state of fear are easier to manipulate. This alternative viewpoint has very real concerns citing one only has to look at all human history to see a reemerging pattern of slavery and servitude. The so-called ruling class orchestrates crises, such as pandemics, to create a Hegelian dialectic, pitting the masses against one another while maintaining their own grip on power. Exploring this hypothesis sheds light on how disinformation may fuel divisions and perpetuate the so-called ruling class’s control.

The Manipulation of Disinformation

According to this premise, the so-called ruling class strategically disseminates disinformation during crises, exploiting public fears and uncertainties. By controlling the narrative, they shape public opinion, directing it toward specific ideologies or conspiracies that serve their hidden agenda. In the case of COVID-19, disinformation may have included narratives about the virus’s origin, effectiveness of public health measures, or the safety of vaccines.

Divisions and Polarization

The intentional spread of disinformation fuels divisions within society. Governments seek to use race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and political identity to keep the masses arguing over the low hanging if not completely grounded fruit. As people become entangled in ideological debates and theories, their focus shifts from identifying the root causes of societal problems to blaming one another. This manufactured polarization distracts individuals from questioning the actions and motives of the so-called ruling class, allowing them to consolidate their power.

By promoting opposing views and amplifying conflicts, this predator ruling class perpetuates a Hegelian dialectic, a strategy derived from philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. This dialectic creates a thesis (the existing power structure), an antithesis (the opposition or dissenting views), and ultimately a synthesis (a compromised outcome that maintains the status quo). In this scenario, the ruling class remains in control, while the masses remain divided and distracted.

Preparing for the Next Supposed Pandemic

If we accept the premise of this conspiracy, it becomes evident that the ruling class would continue to exploit future crises to perpetuate their control. The erosion of trust caused by disinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic would make it easier for them to manipulate public perception during the next supposed pandemic.

(Warnings about the next pandemic have been estimated to hit the world in 2024. What a coincidence another pandemic on an American election year, already being foreseen and widely reported on by mainstream news outlets).

Skepticism, division, and infighting could hamper collective responses to what could be a far deadlier biologically man-made or otherwise virus.  Creating an atmosphere in which critical (non-voting) thinkers along with “right-wing” voters completely refuse mask mandates or lockdowns, verses left-wing voters demanding compliance with unsettled “science” in the name of their political identity. All of this in which a far deadlier virus could be spreading?

Unveiling the Conspiracy: Awareness and Action

Addressing the possibility of such a conspiracy requires a concerted effort to promote awareness and take action. Vigilance is necessary to identify and expose disinformation, enabling individuals to see through the manipulations of the so-called ruling class. Public education should include critical thinking and media literacy skills to empower individuals to discern fact from fiction, which includes knowledge of objective morality under Natural Law.

Furthermore, holding the ruling class accountable is crucial. Transparency and independent investigations should be pursued to uncover any hidden agendas and expose any complicity in perpetuating divisions through disinformation so checks and balances are put in place to prevent the concentration of power of any human being to rule over another. This can be done effectively when all peoples are properly educated on the objective morals inherent in creation. Truly understanding what a right is. And to correctly understand that the only true 7 deadly sins are the 7 transgressions against natural law, which is spiritual science:

                        Do not: Murder, Rape, Assault, Trespass, Theft, Coerce, or Knowingly lie. 

                        Do’s: Any actions that does not initiate harm to another being. 


While the notion of a conspiracy to purposely create division and perpetuate the ruling class’s control of the world during crises may be unsettling, exploring alternative viewpoints fosters a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding disinformation. By remaining vigilant, promoting critical thinking, and demanding transparency and accountability, we can strive to uncover the truth and protect the integrity of our freedoms.              

Article by Daniel Arnold. 5/31/2023

“What you believe in is what you will see.”

“What you believe in is what you will see.”

-Some New-Ager half-truther

I seen the above quote in a meme on Facebook.

In the hopes of keeping, you engaged as the reader, I have to say that memes like that can be misleading at best and at worst utter bullshit. There are nuances to a statement like that on a meme. But in our current times in the age of memes and quick quote wisdoms with a population that has largely been conditioned to prefer others governing them or “representing” them, the above quote (like so many other memes) is a false wisdom – at least to a certain degree. While it is true that people are prone to what popular psychology calls “projecting” – that is, to ascribe unto others that which we see within ourselves. Subconscious opinions of our “truths” which are nearly always very subjective in nature. That doesn’t necessarily make what we observe or “see” only our own “beliefs” into subjective observations as the quote above would infer you to believe. Let me explain.

We live in a very fast-paced society that has gotten far to used to instant information, and gratification (and believe me, I have learned a thing or two about consciously prolonging gratification). Memes function in the same way that our minds record and recall strong emotional moments in our lives – both positive and negative emotional memories. Although these “memory-frames” can sometimes be something horrific, which is how memories occur in people suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – something else I know a bit about) I am talking more about those special moments mostly. Like watching and assisting in the birth of your child or watching the first time your child tastes something delicious and new to them. Or taking their first step. Your first kiss. Or holding someone you love during a slightly breezy but warm and rainy afternoon – and not merely getting wet from the rain, but really feeling the rain. Living wholly in that moment.

Human beings tend to recall memories as still frame images, which is why posters of images from my childhood can be so memorable to me and why memes are so memorable to me now. But memes today (the modern age posters) are also very subconsciously influential especially in the quantity in which they are created and shared on social media platforms. This is why memes are often created as purposely deceiving disinformation still frames to influence people’s opinions (which again are subjective) into a state of mind that makes them more easily manipulatable for selfish and often dark agenda ego and greed driven purposes – especially during political strife. These memes are then passed along by the average person with no ill intent as misinformation. Accidental, but still damaging. This is what makes slogans so effective, and why soundbites of information can be so easily misunderstood.

The above quoted meme is an attempted gaslight. And, I do not have some dark and twisted evil mind that sees only the bad, or evil darkness in our world – but make no mistake that I do indeed see evil darkness happening that is 100% objectively, unequivocally, and undeniably immoral – and WRONG.

I see human beings lording and ruling over other human beings as wrong. This by proxy means that all governments of any kind for the entirety of all human history have been wrong.  I see that throughout all our shared human history that we have allowed our continued human condition to have been (and indeed still is) one of slavery and forced servitude of one kind or another – which is wrong. Voting is wrong, politically granted authority to another that a person themselves does not have is wrong. Forcing young men to go murder and get murdered is wrong. I see Democide (the leading cause of un-natural deaths by governments) is wrong. I see the belief in human authority over other beings to declare what is moral and right or immoral and not right is WRONG.

The” do’s and don’ts” of morality have already been set in creation for us by God with a capital G.

(And I am not talking about some “bearded man” in the sky created by humanity whose dogmatic beliefs are used as control mechanisms and excuses to justify the constant murder of one another over).

The DON’Ts: Murder, Rape, Assault, Steal, Trespass, Coerce or knowingly Lie – otherwise known as the seven transgressions of Natural Law which initiates harm to others.

The DOs: literally anything else you want.   

I “see” all this bad stuff and I do not have to “believe” it (or in it) to understand objectively what it is. Truth is knowable and objective – once known it is up to us to re-align our perception to it if need be. The new age spirituality being parroted and vomited in memes by far to many new age yoga teachers is a satanic plan instituted to create tranquil solipsists incapable of taking action.

It is the antithesis of true love and care. It is the suppression of normal human emotions. These teachings are purposely out of balance and are highly contradictive to real authenticity. It is a right brain imbalance created by deceptive false teachings being spread by many modern-day yoga teachers. And politically driven voters – this is not by accident.

As a spiritually awakened (not woke) yoga teacher I am very bothered by the dark side of gratitude, mindfulness, selflove and statements like “what you resist – persists”. The overarching solipsistic views these teachings promote are murdering the human spirit to act. And make no mistake, we are in a spiritual war.

If your “wisdom” breeds cognitive dissonance, enables Stockholm syndrome, your spiritual “insights” will hurt and not help others. Research and avoid the Dunning–Kruger effect – Wikipedia

Many yogis’ doing this are good people, but you have been bamboozled.

We must quiet our minds a bit, remember who we are, remember our capacity for love, empathy, compassion, and we will remember WHAT we are – consciousness, light and love manifested. Then we can unite, fight, if need be, and rise from this darkness together.

Only in rising from my own darkness could I see this.


Once Upon a Time as a Cop

Once upon a time, as cop,

I felt like I was sometimes trying to save people from themselves, and that it was hard – like a losing battle – I was wrong. I wasn’t really trying to save people from themselves then.

I am now though, and it seems impossible. New age wokeness is a mind trap – a pretentious self-serving, ego hardened belief in the legitimacy of authority that some humans have a right to rule over others which is always enforced with violence. A fear driven pretend righteousness that will ensure their own servitude and slavery in this 3D domain.

It is fear driven relinquishment of true personal power, and self-ownership. A denial of the divinity within us all. A fear of facing or even acknowledging their own darkness much less rising from it.

They know nothing of true shadow work or real spirituality and would rather stay knowingly gullible it seems.

A willful state of ignorance pretending that democide isn’t the leading cause of death throughout all of human history, and slavery as a never-ending part of the human condition. With cognitive dissonance just cancel it all. Right?

I feel nothing but true sympathy for these people who have been bamboozled. I am also angry at their continued ignorance, and fear – in this age of information.

New Age Spirituality Psi-op

-Dan 03/09/23

The new age spirituality being parroted and vomited by far to many new age yoga teachers is a satanic plan instituted to create tranquil solipsists incapable of taking action.

It is the antitheses of true love and care. It is the suppression of normal human emotions. These teachings are purposely out of balance and are highly contradictive to real authenticity. It is a right brain imbalance created by deceptive false teachings being spread by many modern-day yoga teachers. And this is not by accident.

As a spiritually awakened (not woke) yoga teacher I am very bothered by the dark side of gratitude, mindfulness, selflove and statements like “what you resist – persists”. The overarching solipsistic views these teachings promote are murdering the human spirit to act. And make no mistake we are in a spiritual war.

I would like to see more yoga teachers just stick to teaching the physical Asanas.

If your “wisdom” breeds cognitive dissonance, enables Stockholm syndrome, your spiritual “insights” will hurt and not help others. Research and avoid the Dunning–Kruger effect – Wikipedia

Many of you yogi’s doing this are good people, but you have been bamboozled.

Dark Occultist

-Dan 02/27/23

Seek to invert everything in nature. There is a force which exists that seeks to keep us vibrating at a very low frequency and is at hard work in this world (they are very thorough). They want us all to be at a base level of consciousness, in fear, and in survival mode thus unable to think with higher states of being.

It keeps us from using our holistic heart-based intelligence and listening to our intuition. It is the soul virus of Wetiko consciousness.

There are way worse things than death.


By Dan Arnold November 8th 2022


Is not subjective.


“Perception” is not “reality”.

Human perceptions can be changed through substance ingestion, propaganda driven disinformation, dark social mass engineering, and mind control.

The human brain can be programed (this is why the television which “tell lies to your vision”) are called television programs. Humans can be de-programed and reprogramed.

SO, perception is NOT reality. And truth is not subjective – that is the solipsistic world view that the dark occult social engineers of our world want you to believe. It is a belief which is running rapid in the new age community, being spread through misinformation by new age teachers.

The truth is always by in large simple, always OBJECTIVE and can be known – and, once known, it is our jobs to align our perceptions to it.

The ego does not like that absolute because it always seeks to have a way out – it always seeks to be seen as right and correct. This is the reason people will remain ensconced in calcified egoic dogmatic beliefs.

Truth is objective, can be known, and once known we must align our perceptions to it or live a lie – creating a fragmented inauthentic state of cognitive dissonance that is always coupled with Stockholm Syndrome.

To be from a space of love comes from truth.

To be from a space of fear believes lies.

The truth is that as one people humanity has never known real freedom from oppression. We have lived in a state of perpetual slavery since the first known human civilization in Mesopotamia. The human condition has always been, and still is that of slavery.

The truth is we can collectively change this by healing our own traumas, and living in accordance to God’s (with a capitol G) natural laws by refusing to murder, rape, assault, trespass, commit theft, be COERCIVE.

The truth is we can accomplish this through care, knowledge, and most of all discontinue accepting the contradictive beliefs so inherent in all religions – including the religion of politics. All of this will take love.

A truth, that is so simple, it hurts that people cannot grasp it: No person has a right to rule over another person. Period. There is not – nor can there ever be any duality to this immutable objective spiritual truth.

The truth is a higher than man creative force exists that wants us to expand in consciousness and love. The truth is that on my death bed all that was left was love. The truth is a voice that was not my own said: Only love and discernment can drive out hate and fear.

The truth is I choose to walk in love, and not in fear of who “they” are.

The truth is a state of curious self-inquiry takes courage. Self-reflection and introspection is a lifelong process to enlightenment that has no end.

The truth is everything I have ever written or put out in digital media comes from a space of love. Spiritual awakenings are usually born form very traumatic events and are not pretty. This is how I understood a very real and higher loving force other than man exists. The process of enlightenment ensued after my spiritual awakening. It entailed shadow-work, honesty, and inquisitive research that I hope other will embark on.

Free your minds.

-Dan Arnold

PHD of nothing

The Art of Resilience

By Dan Arnold Originally Published By Cleveland Edits MAY 9, 2019

Resilience is a term we’re hearing frequently these days, whether in reference to workplace struggles, family breakups, overcoming illness, job loss, death of a loved one, or another form of traumatic event. The noun, according to, is defined as “1: the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused especially by compressive stress 2: an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change.”  

Zooming in more closely, in short, the art of resilience has only two requirements: surrounding the ego to certain realities and developing consistency in our daily routines. What is ego? Ego, simply defined, is that part of us that recognizes we are separate and unique from others. It is within our ego that we compare ourselves to others as being either better than, not as good as, or simply different than.

Photo copyright Dan Arnold. USMC MCT Training 1991.
Photo copyright Dan Arnold. USMC MCT Training 1991.

As a former U.S. Marine and a 30-year law enforcement veteran, I’ve seen a lot of people with natural athletic ability during my journey who absolutely loved martial arts training while they were “winning”—to only later become disenchanted with training any further after getting “smashed” a couple of times. Some people say you either win in martial arts training or you learn. I’d like to think for me personally that I either learn…or I LEARN. In Jiu-jitsu for instance, I love losing. That is, getting swept or tapped out with a crazy move—like having someone cartwheel out of my attempted throw and hitting me with a sweet arm-bar. Then, the challenge becomes learning how to prevent this from happening again…that is my intent anyway. Intentions matter.

Photo copyright 2019 Dan Arnold.
Photo copyright 2019 Dan Arnold.

So, it is during this phase of a person’s training where I believe it is crucial—if not completely necessary—to surrender the ego in order to learn, and ultimately, to become a better person. I surrendered my ego to this by accepting the reality that I did not know everything about what I was learning and had little to no control over some outcomes in my life. Do not fall victim to creating a cognitive dissonance (in, essence refusing to believe something that contradicts an already held belief despite evidence presented to the contrary) with that old line, Had this been a REAL fight, that guy 4 inches shorter than me and a hundred pounds lighter would have NEVER been able to lock ‘me’ down so soundly in a bad position. Deep down, you know the truth. Wouldn’t “winning” all the time get boring and cushy anyway?

The following is an updated version of an excerpt from “The Puzzle,” an article I wrote while stuck in a hospital, and I think it applies.                                         

[begin excerpt]
The Puzzle

In martial arts, the emphasis on character development is key. And indeed, I’d dare say the emphasis exists for most positive passions that involve any of life’s pursuits. In the end, the type of people we become is far more important not only to our own survival, but to that of those around us; we are meant to change and expand with knowledge and love, and to care for our fellow man.

When I was laid up in that hospital bed hallucinating on powerful pain meds, muscle relaxers, and steroids that had me nearly breathless, the prevailing thoughts that kept entering my mind were completely outside of my control. The repeating mantra seemed to affirm that only love and gratitude can drive out fear, anxiety, and hate. Self-defense is important—but “fighting” never seemed to enter the equation, and I can assure you I have had a violent life. As I considered the true meaning of self-defense, I realized that ideally, we should develop a way of life where “self-defense” isn’t needed. Think about it: who really wants to have to “defend” themselves, to always be on the defense, in case, because, someone might be ‘coming to get them’? Self-protection, on the other hand (just a slight word deviation), is something else altogether and encompasses much more. “Protection” is a basic human need we all desire and it’s created through the repetition of good habits—in all areas of life. I’ve come to know there can be no duality in this. Ultimately, martial arts are not about fighting to me anymore. Martial arts are about the puzzle—the puzzle that exists in my students, training partners, and teachers. The puzzle of bettering one’s technique, the puzzle of victory not over others—but victory over oneself. [end excerpt]

Developing consistency in life requires us to be authentically ourselves. We cannot be or act one way for others but think, act, or do things that conflict with our “desired” self-image.  (Remember ego?). This means embracing the development of good daily habits that will ultimately improve our health, confidence, and self-esteem. Habits such as:

  • Exercise—keep moving with 45 to 60 minutes of exercise a day consisting of a combination of aerobic and strength-building exercises. Activities like biking, speed walking or jogging, resistance-band or body weight exercises 5 days a week would be a good start [consult a health professional before starting any new exercise program]; 
  • Sleep—get the mandatory 7–8 hours’ sleep every night with a consistent sleep-wake cycle; and
  • Diet—consult a nutritionist or research for yourself but what we eat, and just as importantly “when” we eat are vital to our overall health. Strive for a balanced diet of complex carbs (vegetables) and lean protein (chicken or fish) and avoid sugar and caffeine at least 5 hours before bedtime.

Developing good habits creates a natural resilience at your very core by eliminating the risk of developing unhealthy coping mechanisms and/or addictions.

About the author…


Daniel Arnold is a former United States Marine and a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and security. In addition to hospital and prison security work, he is also a respected martial arts trainer who has competed locally in combat sports. Dan has been an ACE-certified fitness instructor and is currently an NRA-certified firearms instructor with marksmanship awards in both pistol and rifle. Dan lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and two daughters. His first book, Violence and Ego: Understanding the Principles of Functional Self-Defense, was published in April 2018 and is available on

King Me

HE WAR ON WOMEN is actually the war on humanity

Jun 28, 2022

Man, there are plenty of awakened women who are consciously angered by this Row -v- Wade reversal, and rightfully so! Some may even recognize it for what it is (although my brothers and sisters on the political extremes will not). Consider the job of a dark sorcerer using dark psychology specifically aimed to trigger unhealed wounds in many women. This has been plain for me to see in the anger-driven and inconsistently applied principles and contradictive reactions of hate leveled at all men in general.

Not all men are your enemies, and not all women are your friends – there were plenty of greed driven women involved in this reversal who could care less about human rights. They were also the same people demanding everyone be medically raped with experimental gene therapy shots. (By the way, a decade or so ago they were against those – as per their programming). And the satanically-mind-controlled dark feminine movement (aka feminazis) are out in force and looking for blood – as they were programed to do as part of the war on both the sacred masculine and sacred feminine as well as the war on testosterone. We are in a population control, and depopulation NWO agenda. Testosterone is responsible for the sex drive of both men and women. Without testosterone women will not want sex (natural birth control- conversely to much of will inhibit feminine traits that our world requires and desperately needs from them such as intuitive thought), and men become docile – do you think the enemies of freedom want American men and woman any other way?

There are no such things as toxically masculine or toxically feminine traits. Toxic is TOXIC period (kind of like all governments). Hyphenation not required. I can sympathize and to a certain degree even empathize with any awakened consciously angered woman by this. But the woke crowd – you should stop. Good luck getting people like me to get forced vasectomies, jabs, or anything. Think this through for a minute…. They want to control what YOU do with YOUR body, They want to control what YOU put in YOUR body, They want to control what they put into YOUR body, Then take away YOUR ability to defend YOURSELF. Does anyone see a pattern here, or is it just me? Critical thought is crucial right now!

Now is a time for men and women to unite under one umbrella of freedom! Look at the bigger picture and avoid the ego driven trap of low hanging fruit violent sounding rhetoric which is what “they” want!! Deny them this This last year has seen, false flag events, constitutional carry laws passed everywhere, and the next false flag (if they can’t orchestrate it organically which is what I am guessing they want) will be a “right wing” white male “extremist” “wE gAvE tHem coNstItUtIoNal CaRry AnD lOoK wHat HApPEneD?” #dontvote #stopvoting…… 

SpiritualAnarchistDanArnold (