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Freedom (n.) Old English freodom “power of self-determination, state of free will; emancipation from slavery, deliverance;”

Hello, my name is Dan, and I am an ex-order follower Ultimately the onus for every atrocity committed throughout human history lands squarely on the shoulders of order-followers such as military, police, and other mercenaries. It is my belief that as one people, we can rise from this darkness together to stop the current atrocities by educating the order-followers (who are the action takers) on what true objective morality under the creator’s Natural Law is. Thus, preventing others from joining the ranks of order-following through the understanding that the authoritarian states they represent are immoral by their very natures. To understand that no being in creation has any inherent right to rule over others through violence of action, coercion, or threat of violence. I think a bigger picture view needs to be assessed.

Why have we as species (every race) have always had to fight for a freedom that is every human’s birthright? We are all still enslaved and at the mercy of a worldwide cabal of psychopaths who call themselves government. We are the many and they are the few. Also, it is my belief that religions were created as fear-based control mechanisms, filled with contradictions and are used to propagate in-action – which further fuels and tightens the binds of the chains of our past, present, and future enslavement. And they do a good job at keeping us peasants bickering, and at each other’s throats with Hegelian Dialectics meant to further division – over egoic identification of labels assigned to us at birth of no importance other than that which we allow to be attached to them. We are beings of light, and pure consciousness having a human experience. We are the many and they are the few. Truth is absent when contradictions are present

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